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The Attributes Of Vata Individuals

Following are the main attributes of vata dosha and how they are expresed in the physical , mental anf behavioral charasterstics of a vata Individual

Dry - Dry Skin, lips, tongue, dry, tending, toward constipation, hoarse voice.

Lighgt - Light muscles, bones, thin body frame, light scanty sleep, underweight.

Cold - Cold hands, feet, poor circulation hates cold and loves hot, stiffness of muscles

Rough - Rough, cracked skin, nails, teeth, hands and feet, cracking joints.

Subtle - Suitable fear, anxity, insecurity,fine goose pimples, minute musscle twitching, fine tremors, delicate body.

Mobile - Fast walking, talking, doing many things at a time, restless eyes, eyebrows, hands, feets, many dreams, loves travelling but does not stay at one place, swiging and shaky faith.

Clear - Clairvoyant, understands and forgets immediatly, clear, open mind, experiences void and loneliness.

Astringent - Dry choking sensation in the throat, gets hiccoughs, burping, loves oily mushy soups,craving for sweet, sour and salty taste.