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The Attributes Of Kapha Individuals

Following are the main attributes of kapha dosha and how they are expressed in the physical, mental and behavioral charasterstics of a kapha individual.

Heavy - heavy bones muscles, large body frame, tends to be overweight, grounded, deep heavy voice.

Slow - Slow walk,talk,slow digestion,metabolishm sluggish gestures.

Cool - Cold clammy skin steady appetote and thrist with slow metabolisam and digestion, repeated cold, congestion and cough, disre for sweets

Oily - Oily skin, hair and facees, lubricated, untuous joints and other organs.

Dump - Congestion in the chest, sinuses, throught and head.

Smooth - Smooth skin, gentle calm nature, Smoothness of organs.

Dense - Soft plasting look, love,care,compassion and kindness.

Static - loves sitting, sleeping and doing noth

Soft - Soft Plasting look, love, care, compassion and kindness.

Viscous - Viscous, Sticky, cohesive quality causes compactness, firmness of joints and organs, love, care, compassion, and kindness.

Cloudy - In early morning mind is coludy foggy , often needs coffe as a stimulation to start the day.

Sweet - The anabolic action of sweets taste stimulates sperm formation, increasing quantity of semen, strong desire for sex and procreation abnormal function may cause craving for sweets.

Salty - Helps digestion and growth, gives energy, maintains osmotic condition, abnormal function may craving for salt, water retention