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The Attributes Of Pitta Individuals

Following are the main attributes of pitta dosha and how they are expressed in the physical, mental and behavioral charasterstics of a pitta individual.

Hot - Good digestive fire, strong appetite, body temprature tends to be higher than normal , hates heat, gray hair with receding hairline or baldness, soft brown hair.

Sharp - sharp teeth,distinct eyes, pointed nose, tapering chim, heart- faced shaped face, good absorbtion and diagestion, sharp memory and understanding, irritable.

Light - Light/ mediam body frame, does not tolerate bright light, flair shiny skin, bright eyes.

Oily - Soft oily skin, hair , faces, does not like deep froend flood( Which may cause headache)

Liquid - Loose Liquid Stools, soft delicate muscles, excess urine, sweat and thrist.

Spreading - pitta spreads as rash, acne, inflamentation all over the body or on affected areas, pitta subjects want to speread their name and fame all over the country

Sour - Sour acid stomach, acidic PH, Sensitive teeth, excess urine, excess salivation

Bitter - Biter taste in the mouth, nausea, vomitting, repulsion toward bitter taste, cynical.

Pungunt - heartburn , Burning sensation in general, strong feeling of anger and hate.

Fleshy smell - Fetid smell under armpits, mouth, soles of feet , socks smell.

Red - red fliuhed skin,eyes, cheeks and nose , red colour aggravates pitta.

Yellow - yellow eyes, skin, urine and faces, may lead to jaundice, overproduction of bile, yellow colour increases pitta